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Moving your Household Goods

The majority of your personal belongings can be moved into or out of Australia without significant problems or delay. There are however specific regulations unique to Australia that must be adhered to when entering goods into the country.

All entering goods will be subject to Customs and Quarantine clearance. If you are sending items that are of interest to Customs and Quarantine then this may effects the time taken to process your move. Some of the more common items are listed as per below.

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  • Outdoor Furniture Must Be Clean And Free Of Soil Residue, Grass & Any Insects.
  • Lawn Mowers Must Be Clean And Free Of Soil & Grass Clippings.
  • Vacuum Cleaner Bags Must Be Removed And Any Dust Must Be Cleaned Prior To Shipping.
  • All Shoes Must Be Fully Cleaned (Especially In The Grooves On The Bottom Of The Shoes) & Must Be Free Of Sand, Soil Residue & Grass.
  • Golf Clubs, Bicycles, Garden Tools & Any Outdoor Equipment Must Be Clean And Free Of Soil, Sand & Grass Residue.
  • Natural Plant Materials Are Not Allowed In To The Country. Therefore, Even Christmas Decorations That Contain Pine Cones Will Be Ordered For Treatment By The Australian Quarantine Service In Order To Clear These Goods For Delivery.
  • Dairy & Meat Products Are Strictly Not Permitted To Be Imported Into Australia.
  • Bottled & Sealed Food Items With Brand Labels May Be Allowed, But The Final Decision Will Be At The Discretion Of The Inspecting Quarantine Officer.

** PLEASE NOTE - Quarantine Restrictions Are Not Limited To The Above Items. If In Doubt Please Check With Australian Quarantine For Further Information At **

Documents Required for Moving Household Goods

There are a number of documents required for shipping and authority purposes to ensure household goods are moved without delays or additional costs. All blank documents can be found on our website under shipping documents and most need to be completed by the actual person relocating. (Not an authorised representative)


  • Shippers Letter of Instruction & acceptance of Destination Freight Terms and Conditions
  • Detailed Packing List
  • Copy of Passport Photo Page


  • Australian Customs / Quarantine (B534) Personal Effects Form Completed
  • Detailed Packing List
  • Photocopy / Scanned Copy of Passport (Photo Page)
  • VISA Details (if applicable)
  • Shipping Documents as Supplied from Place of Origin
  • Australian Customs Letter of Authority
Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles can also be entered into Australia as personal effects when relocating to Australia.

Motor Vehicles are subject to regulations unique to Australia that must be adhered to when entering goods into the country and all entering motor vehicles will be subject to Customs and Quarantine clearance including paying Australian Customs DUTY and GST.

In addition to obtaining Australian Customs and Quarantine Clearance, Motor Vehicles must meet stringent requirements including import approval (before shipment takes place) as set by the Australian Federal Government in the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (the Act).

More detailed information can be found here. Please contact our office for a complete and detail quotation.